NORWALK — Wasiniak Construction and Helmstetter Home Inc. started construction of a new ramp in front of Kenilee Lanes.

Once this is completed, patrons who use wheelchairs will be able to easily access the inside of this 90-plus-year-old community landmark.

“This is only the first part of the project,” CLI CEO John Schwartz said. “As soon as leagues wrap up in the spring, we’ll be completely remodeling the lounge space to be level with the lanes, so that bowlers who use wheelchairs can easily maneuver independently anywhere in the space.”

The remodeling includes the addition of downstairs bathroom that is large enough to accommodate attendant care. The kitchen area will be relocated away from the front wall because CLI intends to reconfigure the facade so that it can be opened up to the street, with seating by the new large, front windows.

Thanks to a few well-attended fundraisers and donations, CLI has raised about $60,000 so far, which Schwartz said is just about enough to complete the inside renovations.

“The new facade will cost approximately $60,000 more,” Schwartz said. “We’re definitely trying to step up our fundraising to make this happen. CLI is excited because our mission is to increase community participation for people with disabilities, which includes not just our clients, but also veterans, seniors and others in the community. Also, it will just be cool space that will make it just that more fun to spend time uptown Norwalk.”

Article courtesy of the Norwalk Reflector HERE.